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As we are quickly approaching the release of our MintedVodka Marketplace, I wanted to give a set of rules for my fellow smart contract developers as how to make their NFTs more open and accessible beyond their own DApps.

I have been collecting the most popular NFT collections and projects on the Binance Smart Chain and, to my surprise, many of them made it quite difficult to access and use the token’s information. This is awful, considering the open nature of the network. And it makes their tokens very limited for use in external applications.

In the end, we have…

As we are rapidly approaching our alpha release date, I want to use this opportunity and update our readers on the current progress.

Our very own NFT Marketplace called “Minted.Vodka” (aka. MV) goes beyond what currently exists on any of the networks. We are combining some of the features from “OpenSea” and “Rarible”, namely:

1. Free-for-all marketplace

No curation. We want to offer a place where any ERC721 (NFTs) and ERC20 (coins) assets available on the network can be traded. Known assets will be marked as such (pulled from TrustWallet Assets and mixed with our own asset list).

2. Easy minting

We will add minting functionality…

The story

The tides of markets are seldom predictable. A true Alchemist knows what he wants and is not impressed by the panic outside. “This is fine” — as the meme goes. Only the strong will survive. Only the brave will be rewarded by the Alchemy Gods.

The story

Some TOYS types are already being minted with 3-digit serial numbers (as can be seen here: Other TOYS are quickly following. As we are on the verge of change into the triple-digits territory, let us celebrate this fact by sacrificing 3 of the 3-digit TOYS.

Will you be the one who makes this offering to the Alchemy Gods?


1. Sacrifice 3 TOYS with serial number #100

And make this sacrifice in one transaction!

2. Be the first

As soon as you complete this challenge, post the transaction hash on our Discord #challenges channel here:

Only the first transaction that is reported and verified will get the prize. If you complete…

The story

Once in a while, the Gods smile down at us. There is no luck in Alchemy! The devoted prayers are heard and the starts might align themselves just right to help you with this challenge. Do you feel lucky today?


1. Get two cards of third level in one single worship.

That’s it! Sounds easy? It is not. And it might take time for the fellow TOYS collectors to complete it. So keep an eye on your worships. You might be the lucky one!

2. Be the first

As soon as you complete this challenge, post the transaction hash on our Discord #challenges channel here:

Only the first transaction that is reported and verified…

The story

The Challenger expedition was a scientific program that started 149 years ago and was named after the naval vessel that undertook the trip called HMS Challenger.

This expedition lay the foundation of oceanography — leading to discoveries of a myriad of sea creatures.

To celebrate this fact, we are offering you a challenge to collect and sacrifice the following TOYS creatures for the good of the science.


Please read the conditions carefully.

1: Sacrifice IN ONE TRANSACTION the following 5 TOYS:

  1. Toothless Shark
  2. Deepwater Flatfish
  3. Siamese Fight-Fish
  4. Fangtooth Robofish
  5. Wizard Octopus

2: Sum of the serial numbers

The sum of the serial numbers of the above mentioned sacrificed cards should be equal or more than…

In the previous article I explained the theory behind this shitcoin project and what it is trying to achieve. You can read the details here. The most important points:

  1. We are creating a dual set of tokens: one for stacking and one for collecting.
  2. We are creating a game using those tokens. The game is intended to incentivise perseverance in a way that it is impossible to “lose” if you stick to it long enough.
  3. We are incentivising certain behaviour leading to, at least, 4 different roles, whereas sky is the limit on how exactly the participants want to… participate.

This is the short theoretical explanation of the proof-of-concept project I am trying to pull off. It tries to solve the problems of yield farming in DeFi space, which often feel like scam. The reasons for the scam-my nature of stacking are several:

  1. Inflationary essence of unlimited shitcoin supply. This is for projects that “reward” the stakers by conjuring new tokens out of thin air. You cannot undo the economic theory that inflating something in an unlimited way will eventually bring the prize down to zero.
  2. Rewarding junk with junk. Holding the stackable shitcoin rewards you with more of the…

Hello world! A short update on our progress on Phybr. Past 4 months were full with clients’ projects, personal matters and vacations. After a stressful 2018 I took more time off, avoiding working overtime. It was needed. The human mind needs free space and time to regenerate. Otherwise the performance and creativity suffer tremendously in the long term.

The “short” break did have a bigger impact on the design and structure of the Phybr core-ware. We are currently rewriting the whole thing to make it 100% pluggable from the ground up. …

Roman Semko

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